2006 - Dark Harmonies (LP)

by Worms of Sabnock

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Worms Début album featuring members of The Meads of Asphodel.


released June 17, 2006

Quintus - Vocals & Guitar
Lesion - Guitar
Moros - Drums
Nomis - Clean Vocals & Bass

With the guests: Susan Miller - Vocals & Flute. Will Banyard - Violin.

Recorded by Worms of Sabnock. Mixed by Iain smith.
Tracks 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 written by Worms of Sabnock.
Track 1 & 7 written by Quintus
Track 5 written by Lesion.
Lyrics written by Quintus.



all rights reserved


Worms of Sabnock UK

Formed: 2004
Current Line Up: Quintus - Vocals, Guitar & Bass

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Track Name: Black Empire
Summoning great strength from within to carry on.
More strength than you or I ill ever need to know.
Ones wealth for ones life is our fucking law, our love for their greed in our Black Empire.
Sensing pain and loss deep within their eyes.
These parents have lost their sibling to a fucking cunt. Grind away reviling emptiness. A right to vote, a right to policy, this system must appear to work to the common man.
...and so we've learnt that no ones pure that souls are lost to their own fear with all the blood that's come and comes again today.
...and so we birthed into this life a sense of hope without trust world awake wide awake to this world of evils. Indulge and fester in this post democratic state you took their son...
Track Name: Demons Walk Among Us
We see their eyes every day one hundred thousand slayed away. These unworthy rot away a warning on the wall.
The Demons walk the Earth infecting hearts and minds we walk among the real demons and the souls of slaves burn.
Now at the blackened hands of a man with a blackened soul, the wilderness of Mans situation cruelly controlled by free will or is it by fate? as this modern world melts away.
Why has there always been and always will be a great depression and lack of self-respect. Waves of sickness lash the lines, it appears that no one is nature free just more men and their stupidity. Skimming death through their waters children playing the Devils game.
Track Name: In The Shadow of a Dark Genius
A dark human shadow looms across a race.
Darkness infinity their lives are to dwell.
So cold in this wretched world, their dreams turned to nightmares and life into death.
Eleven million souls are gone but why does no one give a fuck.
An event so evil that it echoes through time with an Americanized style production line. Bars of human soap with an Americanized style production line.
Piles of hair and watches a dark genius mind twisted with hate with a love of defecation and Wagner his punishment reign and symbolic cult art a glowing reference of evil.
With blood on his hands and the scent of his nice the loss of fifty million does good and evil really exist or is just opinion?
Another Christian fear spreading its wings this bleakness exists even today. All religious icons burning in hell, a contradiction should bleed them dry. ...and maybe then we shall all be set free.
Eleven million souls are gone but why does no one give a fuck. Future generations just seeing in black and white. His voice of domination a calling to the youth, he raged his war with a Christian cause. He achieved a lot he destroyed a lot a shadow still looms a dark and ominous monolith.
Track Name: Uncertain Light
Track Name: Nailed Across a Solemn Art
World up what the fuck, what is wrong with the world today? The same as what was wrong with yesterday.
Lay me down in ambrosial odours how the sweet smell sickens, come taste the blood of those whom came before.
O' how I want to worship thee and then to kiss so silently and bare your gift of serpents light and fuck the world so we can fly.
Time and darkness fall on me like sands of love grains of time. Growing night the moon descends into dark light of recent shattered memories of cold existence of life. Beware rays and rays of light, why cant I find my guardian angel across an art ascend. Aternus amour for eternity among the dwelling hordes of cold impurity. Black candles bode the fall of the weak trinity, condemned to the law of purest black erotica.
Track Name: The Dark Harmony
To learn a journey of dark harmony & To accumulate the wisdom. Adore the monumental malice the worship of atrocities and all strange philosophies, where desire starts.
Throughout mankinds historical opus many mistakes have been made, be it fate or any other such uncontrollable force (such as gravity) this would be no excuse for a lack of sensitivity, such carelessness and abuse is bound to seal your fucking fate.
My Black Philosophy a self contained world.
My Black Philosophy, My Dark Harmony.
To hold wonder as a solid substance of some great dimensional enormity. The plateau of lifes mysterious call lays an ocean of calm destiny.
Light that shivers across our paths are only taken those who practice the arts of deep thought humour and passion and those who dont see the light dont even look for their own self potential.
With sinking despair humanity grasps at bygone torn times the only chance we have is to strive to be original and try to stay true to ourselves or face the days doomed.
Track Name: Shango's Vengeance
Plague of Africa plague of the world. Minds meld by sharp blue suits. Eyes in trance reflecting pain flesh filling fields of wasted hearts.
Religion is the key apparently fucking a baby is the cure. The greed of tribal leaders bare as much the human rapist scars, with a lack of education their weapon of genocide.
Where does all the money go maybe filling their Islamic glasses? Pandemic plague, rotting corpses, a dose of immense pain.
Such denial and ignorance is bound to murder millions. One in five are infected but that just keeps the population down. Solution African overlord they need a miracle Shango King of Oyo. Mystic wrath Shangos vengeance.
Innocent orphans with disease a lifeless fallout, destiny sub-Saharan sacrifice malnutrition everywhere. Obese leaders feast for free poverty homicide also nothing. Majestic valleys of green and brown, majestic valleys with a rotten stench. There is no rich without a poor thats just life its fucking curse.