2012 - Grand Religious Finale (EP)

by Worms of Sabnock

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Released as a split ep with Ebonillumini. Featuring Members of the Meads of Asphodel.


released February 14, 2012

Quintus - Vocals, Guitars & Bass
Moros - Drums
With the guests: Lesion Lead guitar on track 3/Elle Torry Lead guitar, Violin & Flute on tracks 2,4, & 6/Hal Sinden Bass on track 4.
Recorded by J.D. Tait. Mixed by Iain Smith.



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Worms of Sabnock UK

Formed: 2004
Current Line Up: Quintus - Vocals, Guitar & Bass

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Nature's Whore
To spread our fuck across the world.
Enslaving youth & gullible minds.
Reason & logic our only defence
A promotion of science that breathes right & wrong.

Preach to me what life is
Your heaven my hell.
I live my strange rules.
Abombanation, the nature's whore.

Snivelling scum with bigotry & ignorance
We judge by our own standards of humans
not by what is said to be good or evil.

Condemed to another god.
a bright light their supposed cause.
Locked in a battle with Darwin & God.
A head shall roll for every fossil found.

Lie down, time for change
let the holy trail now begin.
The slaughter of progression
justice is fucking ripe.

Insulting us all with their white light & dark vibes
With fables & lore false hatred is born.
What we do not understand is not supernatural it's simply unknown.

Lost sheep dying, waiting for something better.
All for a need of existence & being.
Self important cunts.
Track Name: Grand Religious Finale
Cheap rancid filth feeding the world.
All cunts together hand in hand.
Grand religious finale.

World evolution frozen in time.
Strip their thread & liberate the young.

Iconic beings torn limb from limb.
From Christ to Allah & everything in-between.
Track Name: Our Meadows Burn In Blackness
A god like crime of symbol & sign.
A nations pride for a nations pain.
Wide eyed & open mouthed.
Burning flesh a caustic smell.

Hail, Hail,
Ancient roman empire ways
Hail, Hail,
To live our lives euphoria
Hails, Hail,
Britannia rules it's blood red waves.

Within these dark days of yobs & hate
looking back nothing much has changed
triumph in blood as aeons go by

A fearful race monument
hidden wonders of hatred & rule
A just cause stability
To burn a king & fuck the queen.

A haunted soul all dark & grim
A belly full & a standard of life
Now the reign of the USA rule
but all empires must rise & fall.
Track Name: Demonic of Womankind
The dark entice of a femme fetal
The alpha & omega of our love.

A perfume manipulation
To rise to serpentine
I crave my flesh & cunt

With the thoughts of flesh on flesh
She slithers through our every hearts desire.

Lost in wonderment of a complex soul
Lust her fools gold & the path to misery.
Track Name: A Fear of The Lord
Now finally meting & without cause
Rotting in blasphemy. Running , caught & hung.
Mortal we remain, a nothing dread.

Appearing to us a blackened heart & soul.
The progress to shroud their light of gold.
A belief in nothingness can lead to truth & pain.
I travel back in time to persecute faith's liars.